The Furby madness began during the Christmas season of 1998. 
It was THE toy to give.  Unfortunately, they were few and far between.
Some of those who had been lucky enough to find them
were selling them at auction,
often for prices in excess of one hundred dollars.
Although not inclined to pay that kind of money,
I decided that as soon as I saw one at a reasonable price I would get it
and see what the fuss was about.
I had to wait until spring of 1999 before they began to appear at
stores within driving distance.
KB Toyworks had them advertised, so we set out to arrive just before opening.
By the time the doors were unlocked, there was a short line forming -
all waiting to get a Furby!
I couldn't decide that day between the gray and pink spotted or the all black,
so I got both.
That was the beginning.
My name is Nita, and I'm a furbaholic.
So relax, sit back, and meet my furbys...
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