In 2012, Hasbro announced plans to release yet another new furby!
Hopes were high that this new release would be more in keeping with the ORIGINAL
furbys that some of us loved so much.
They would be released first in September in six colors, with the promise of 4 more to come before Christmas.  They were supposed to respond to your voice and to music,
and have different personalities depending on how they were treated.
Walmart was going to get $54. for them and was taking pre-orders.

They looked to be about the same size as the originals.
The ears looked like some sort of plastic material.  The biggest difference, however,
was the LED eyes which were supposed to change according to the furby's mood.
I wasn't too sure the eyes were a good thing, but was willing to give it a fair trial.

I ordered a teal furby from Amazon.com in October, when a friend alerted me to a
bargain price of $47.82.
When furby arrived, I made a video for You Tube.  (see below)
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The video pretty much shows the new furby in all his glory.  As I write this, two months have gone by and my opinion is that the new furby is not only as good as the originals, but I think he is even BETTER.  They really got it right this time.  I don't plan to get another one unless I stumble on one that I can't resist at some point, but the higher price and the fact that my furby collection is already HUGE and there is no room for more pretty much guarantees I will NOT be collecting all of these.
There is a really cute pink one, though...     :)

These are the first six colors that were available.