This Furblings creature has a mind of its own, and it shares a special connection with your Furby Boom. Put the two of them together and watch as your Furblings creature talks - and your Furby Boom creature responds!  Raise your little Furblings creature and have tons of fun doing it!

You can also download a free app and unlock a virtual Furblings creature to add to your collection. Get virtual eggs and hatch and raise your Furblings on your  iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 5.0 or later. The app is not compatible with prior Furby generations.

Furblings come in many colors - each has a corresponding match
in a Furby Boom.   I decided to get one in a color I did not have in a Furby Boom, so I got the Peacock color.

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Coypright  2014, Anita Golden
All Rights Reserved.
Above left, this is how the Furblings come, boxed in the same style box as their larger furby friends.  When you open the box, you will see your Furbling and only need to remove two little twist ties from his legs to release him.
How tiny he is!  The body is furry like the adults.  Ears and feet are plastic like the adults.  And the faceplate is also very similar.  The eyes, however, are either open or closed - just the two looks - and tipping the body will change what you see.
In the picture on the right, you can see his closed eyes changing to the open eyes.
From the side, you can see his cute little tail, also like the adults!
If you press the sensor on the top of his head, he talks.  I'm not sure how many sayings he has, but it seems to be quite a few.  He really doesn't do that much,
but he's very cute!