Furbaholic site - Mandy's Excellent Adventure Pg.3
Mandy got out of bed and took CoCo off the shelf, giving him a little tilt as she did so.  His eyes opened and he yawned.  "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" he cried.  "Me, CoCo," he said, and then he laughed.  Mandy smiled.  "Doo be doo be doo," sang Coco.
That made Mandy laugh, and she hugged furby.  "You make me happy," she said to him.  Then she told him her troubles and why she felt so sad.

As she spoke to him, CoCo was quiet and seemed to be listening to what she said.  When she finished talking, CoCo blinked, looked right into her eyes, and said, "Me love you.  I will be your friend this summer!" 

Mandy looked very closely at CoCo.  She'd never heard him say anything like that before.  Furby said, "Close your eyes, Mandy.  Let's play!"
Mandy was so surprised, but she did what he asked.  She closed her eyes.  "Open now!" CoCo said, and she did.
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