Furbaholic site - Generation 8 Adult Furbys
Released May 2000
Although Tiger had planned to release generations eight through ten, furby sales began to stall.  Many stores, including those online, began to offer furbys at greatly reduced prices.
Furbys could be had for as little as five dollars!
Many of us die-hard furby collectors believed there was still a market for furbys, and that the problem stemmed from too many being released in too short a time span.  In effect, they flooded the market.

When word came that the eighth generation was only being released in Mexico many of us were very disappointed.
As a collector I felt cheated that I would not be able to get the eighth generation, unless I paid high prices and had them shipped from Mexico.
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April 2001 Update:  Thanks to an online friend in Mexico, I was able to acquire two of the Spanish series 8 furbys, the Rusty Dots  and the Labrador.
*Thanks,  Amalin!*

Shortly after I was also able to purchase the "Green bean" (top right) on Ebay.  This was quite a find since it is in an English box and presumably NOT a Spanish furby. 

Later I was able to get the rest of the 8th generation, again with the help of my friend, Amalin.  While hard to justify the expense of the furbys and the high shipping costs, I managed to do just that! 

Here they are, below. 

Official Tiger name, followed by common nickname if applicable, and whether the furby has a mane (M) or tail (T)
top row...
bottom row...
Rusty Dots
Green Bean
Puppy Dog